Drowning in the sea, continuously falling into the hole, running haplessly, and suddenly waking up. Yes, this happens atleast once in their lifetime who dreams. And, everyone dreams… 

Now, those who say they don’t get dreams at all or haven’t got them since few days, beware, our unconscious mind is too sleepy to tell us that we were dreaming. “Everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers it,” said Shelby Harris, director of behavioral sleep medicine program at Montefiore medical center. Although we dream ( which we dream daily), we don’t remember that dream. Mainly two reasons : 1. Our subconscious mind is too far away from us. 2. Time.

Yes, time plays a very important role regarding our dreams too. Time never leaves us. It always stays with us till our last breath. So, regarding the dream, one must remember the dream as quick as possible. 90 seconds. Yes, that much quick! As soon as you woke up, it is better to recall the dream as fast as possible within 90 seconds(if you wish to recall :p). It’s upto you if you want to recall your dream or not. Well, talking about me, I find the dreams too fascinating. Real. Alive. It seems they are also a part of our life. That part in which we are sleeping and still we have a world. An another dimension. Now if you want to learn in deep about analogy of dreams, Wikipedia is there. I’m only here to talk about all the exciting things which takes place in our Dreamth dimension! Right from teleporting from one place to another till changing characters in a few seconds, our dream completes. Without these things, our never-ending dreams are incomplete. A person gets minimum 3-5 dreams per sleep, maximum of 7. Out of which, only the last one and the one which is very close to our mind(read soul) is reminisced. Speaking about the soul, dreams are varied chain of emotions which can be linked to our day to day life. Sometimes, that emotions can be of anxiety mostly, anger, love, hatred ofcourse, fear, nothingness which also come under this, as dreams can be sometimes as nothing as a void, and a lot of things to count. Just like these emotions, my dreams will be varied too, as I get all sorts of dreams, too enthralling and too deep, which is the reason I am finally here. I find myself connected with that world, like I am there at that place living that life. And that life keeps on changing night after night, like we are an actor playing different roles on the stage! 

The Dreamth dimension is that place where you will find fascinating stories I dream off, that world which keeps me alive even when I am sleeping, always surrounded by strange people and strange places, though fascinating… To keep it real, like exact what occurs in my dreams, the story will start directly from that point from which I remember, and all the exact moments will be the same like changing of places indefinitely, just like we have in our dreams, change in people and all that stuff as strange as in our dreams. I just give the touch up to the blur scenes to make it clear what exactly happened, and as we know our dreams don’t have a climax(mostly) , I complete my dream with the most possible climax related to my entire dream. I offer you as well to write your thinking regarding the climax. Let’s be creative and more imaginative in this never ending dimension of dreams. Also once in a blue moon, I will write about anything related to our dreams, it will be not my dream but just an abstract article regarding dreams. This is so because I find this mysterious land too encapturing, to think all day and night (not night precisely because we will be dreaming another dream). Hope you all find the stories as lively as I feel living in a different dimension altogether! So keep dreaming and stay connected.