The Equation of life… 

… Sailing across the Pacific Ocean, I was with my friend. It was a dark night. Clouds hovered above us. Sure enough, we knew it would rain. Except the dark clouds and the ocean, there was nothing to see. Most of them were dozing off in the basement of our ship. Chilling in this cold night with marijuana in my hand, I was standing at the edge of the ship, envisioning the days and fun we would have. Inhaling the cool breeze, I stared at the never-ending ocean. The scenery was perfect. But that perfection lasted only for some moment.

Clouds got darker. They collided against each other creating the noise which we call as a thunder, which soon got converted into a thunderstorm. The breeze went wild. Waves emerged from the deep and collided gently against our ship. The ship also waved in rhythm with the waves. And it came. The rain. Heavily. Along with the winds, the thunderstorm created big waves, so big that our ship oscillated along with the waves, enough to wake up everyone who was present on the ship. The silent and calm dark scenery was no longer a scenery. It got altered to a dark havoc.

“Sparsh! What’s going on?” My always frightened friend, Vinay asked me.

“Winds got wild. It started raining. That’s it. Nothing to worry about Vinay. Calm down,” I assured him.

Suddenly, a wave got so big that it hit hard at one of the edges of the ship shattering the wood pieces. The pieces of wood were swallowed by water instantly.

“Now, this needs to be worried!” exclaimed Vinay.

I went to the basement to check the sailor. Vinay followed me.

“Captian, what’s the status?”

“Water has started to break in from three sides. We don’t have enough time. Get the rescue boats and leave this ship.”

“Captain but…”

“We don’t have time Sparsh! Get the boats!” he exclaimed.

His loud voice produced some fear in my mind.

“Let’s go Vinay!”

I patted him assuring that everything would soon be alright.
We left the basement and came on the deck. Suddenly, a huge wave galloped over us. That wave was so strong, that our ship had no chance. At once, the ship broke and in a moment we all drowned, along with the ship!
For a moment, I didn’t remember anything until somehow I gained consciousness and looked around. I was still submerged under the ocean and was surrounded by the remains of the ship and nothing else. There were no people around. I soon realized I was breathless and so I came above the water. To my surprise, there was not a single living being alive! No one. Panic struck around me. I looked for my friend.



No reply. I got onto a plank nearby and looked around. Corpses were lying on the remains of the ship. I screamed once more.


Nothing. My mind told me to accept the reality. Reality that haunted me now.

“I lost him!”

I sobbed with a heavy heart. Amidst the battle between my mind and heart, I lay down, quietly on that plank. I stared at the sky. Dark clouds hovered above me as if they would swallow me in them. Soon, the surrounding started to act upon me. It got darker and darker. The sky, the already dark clouds, the remains of the ship and the corpses around me, everything started to blear. And soon, it was a complete darkness…
I woke up coughing out the water from my mouth. The sun scorched above me. I stood on my legs and saw the waves swiftly danced on the shores. I heard some noises from behind and so I turned around. There they were, the people of this land. An island, precisely. I didn’t have any idea how I landed here. But I thought these people might have answers for my questions. And they looked like normal human beings. Not like what we always saw in our movies. Clothes made up of leaves and threads. Nothing like that. All were normal like us. So I thought better I would talk to them. I went near them and by habit actually, they drove their weapons on me. No guns, no swords, all of them had spears and bows and arrows quite indubitably. I rose my hands at once and yielded. They just stared at me not knowing what to do now. I walked towards them and from a distance only asked them,

“Can anyone of you tell me where I am and how did I come here?”

They might have not understood what I asked and so they kept staring at me indistinctly. I asked the same question again.

“Ukila haba?” one of them spoke finally.

I didn’t understand what he asked.

“What? What are you saying?” I asked them.

“Ukila haba?” he repeated the same once more.

Now it was my turn to stare at them. I didn’t answer anything. So they talked among themselves, probably about me, I assumed. After hearing their conversation, it struck me finally. They were speaking in their native language which would be probably the language of this whole island, which means that I am all alone on this island without knowing how did I land here, where I was and how do I get out from this place!

“Damn!” I cursed my fate.

As I was busy in my thoughts, that same person asked me several questions in a haste.

“Osa mitu riyuka?”

“Ogoro ma itade?”


I looked at him in despair. How could I tell them I hardly understood a word what he just spoke! As they didn’t get any answers from me, they dispersed all of a sudden. I was left all alone in this island to explore by myself. I missed everyone now. My mom, my dad, my friend and most importantly, my bestie – Vinay, whom I had just lost. I wondered what to do now and started strolling along the shore. The island was small though. Smaller than a airport. It was covered by trees and plantations. The houses were made up of basic natural things which gave the hint that these people lived a simple lifestyle. The island was serene. No pollution, no transportation, no big skyscrapers. Only basic huts and plantations, enough to fulfill the basic needs. I wandered for a long time until I knew I came far from my starting point. There, what I saw, baffled my vision. I couldn’t trust my senses now.
A large mirror, more precisely a mirror like thing stood upright in front of me. It was so large that it went beyond the sky. It stood there as if it was the part of this island and there was no distinction. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t notice one thing. A major thing. My own reflection wasn’t there in the mirror! I was shocked. I now doubted whether this weird mirror thing was really a mirror? And as always, human instincts told me to go and touch that mirror. So I did. Adding to my surprise, my hand penetrated in that mirror like thing without any deviation! And above it, half part of my hand got invisible as if that mirror absorbed my hand. I took away my hand at once in shock and my hand was normal again! Terrified by this, I thought to run out of this island at once. But the human instincts kicked in again and gave me more courage to explore further. And so I went pass that mirror. And then I realized, I was not inside the mirror, I was beyond the mirror. Because everything here was exactly the same. Except it was all opposite. I feared what my mind thought and so I turned back at that mirror from where I just came and… That world, from which I just came, was now inside the mirror, more precisely beyond the mirror! I was confused like hell!

“What’s going on?

What is this place?

Is this place real?

What if I am experiencing paranoia at the moment?

Or what if I had gone mad completely?”

These all thoughts were running through my mind. I looked back and forth towards this mirror world and that real world or vice versa. Damn! I again cursed my fate.

Suddenly, I saw few people progressing towards me. Now that was too much to handle. People in mirror world! I was so frightened to meet them, I ran back to the world which I assumed was real. I ran so fast that I went directly to that point where I met the people from this world.

To my goodness, they were there, a few of them. I didn’t know their language, I didn’t know from where to start, still I tried to explain them what I just saw. But as expected, they didn’t understand. They stared at me not knowing what to do. I tried a lot to explain them but in vain. Suddenly, they started speaking among themselves. They were discussing something I assumed. After they spoke amongst themselves, they looked at me for a moment and one of them called,


A man came walking by from my left side. I was already terrified with horror and to add more in it, this man came. Not that I was shocked by horror completely, rather I was shocked for what I saw the next moment. The man whom I had just lost, stood right in front of me! That man with whom I was with since so many years! My friend, Vinay, was right in front of me, alive!

I, at once exclaimed, “Vinay!” and hugged him tightly. To my surprise, he didn’t react as expected. He was quiet.

I asked him, “Hey Vinay, where were you man?”

“Who are you?” Vinay asked me.

“Vinay! Don’t you know me? I am Sparsh, your friend! We were on the ship and were sailing for our vacation trip. Don’t you remember anything mate?” I asked him.

“Sparsh, right? Or whatever your name is, first of all, my name is not Vinay, I am Kakashi. Second, I am meeting you for the first time.”

“What? How’s that possible? You look exactly like my friend Vinay and he was with me on the ship till weather became worse and all drowned in the sea. Including Vinay,” I tried to explain him.

“Look, sorry for your lose, but I don’t know you. I came here because these people contacted me and asked me to meet you.”

“And why they did that? Oh yes! You can speak English!” I exclaimed answering my own question. “Thank God. There is someone on this island. But wait, Vinay, I mean Kakashi, how do you know English?”

“That incident you told just now about the ship, happened with me also. Same story but had different time and different person.”

I was about to speak when one of the men spoke.

“Abrio huna edaka makamushi. Chikara endo drana vikola.”

Kakashi looked surprised after hearing that.

He replied, “Ukadu! Isse?”

“Issa,” the man replied.

I was shocked seeing Kakashi converse in their language.

“Kakashi! You can speak their language!” I exclaimed.

“Yes. It’s been quite a long time since I had been here.”

“And what did they say just now?” I was happy knowing that I had a translator.

“They said not only that incident occurred at different times but in different timelines also.”

“What? Different timelines?”

“Yes. As in different dimensions!”

“Damn this place! It’s all getting so weird!” I was terrified by this known fact.

“Yes and so might be the reason why you thought I am your friend. I must have been your friend in your timeline, in your dimension, but, in my timeline, I am Kakashi, who is yet to meet you or might not meet you at all. But the fact is, that incident took place in my timeline also.”

I was horrified by what I heard just.

“But why there is one more Vinay, I mean Kakashi, or whoever the real one is! ” I asked him in a serious tone.

” This is so because every particle in this universe has an anti particle in existence. And human body is made up of these particles. That means every human body has an anti human body in existence. Long story in short, if there exists Vinay, his antimatter exists too. And that’s me. Everything is almost same, except the nature and several other things which will be opposite. “

It was hard for me to digest these new things. This whole island was strange and adding to that these weird facts I just got. I wondered whether my antimatter existed too!

“Look Kakashi, this is all strange for me. But I want to tell you one thing about this island. At the end of this island, there is a…”

“Mirror like thing,” Kakashi cut me in between and completed my sentence.

Surprised, I asked him, “You know about that thing?”

“I told you I have been here for quite a long time now. I have explored every part of this island. This island is way too weird than you think.”

“What about that mirror then?”

“That mirror is not a mirror actually. It’s a membrane type thing which separates this world with that anti-world.”

“Antiworld? You mean antimatter of this world?”

“That’s right. This island is so weird that matter and antimatter exists on this same island. But as I said, with a different timeline.”

“Do you mean all these people have their antimatter out there beyond that mirror like thing?

” Exactly! “

Something struck in my mind.

” Is it possible as you said that their timelines are different. So my antimatter would come there too right, sooner or later?”

“Probably. But can’t say definitely whether that way it is possible or not. Because we don’t know in which timeline they are into.” explained Kakashi.

I thought. Deeply. Things were making sense now. This timelines. Different dimensions. Antiparticles. Antimatter. Anti-world! One thing was clear. This island was strange as Kakashi said.

Looking at the people, I asked Kakashi, “Do they know about that mirror like thing?”

“Yes they do, but they don’t know what’s beyond it. I tried so many times to tell them about what’s beyond this world but they didn’t listen. They said our ancestors worshipped that mirror and said, ‘this mirror is sacred, no one should touch this mirror, no one.’ So they don’t even go there. I didn’t try to convince them more. I started living this life as they lived and I am happy. ” he sighed.

“Sacred? Seriously? Their ancestors knew what’s beyond that mirror and to keep their children safe,they must have created this sacred thing. ”

“I also thought that way. But I actually thought let’s not spoil their faith in their ancestors and so I am quiet.”

“Yes. There is no point in arguing with them.”


“Kakashi, I am stuck at one question.”

“You are free to ask.” assured Kakashi.

“What if these anti particles collide with each other?”

As Kakashi was about to reply, land started trembling. Our legs shook severely. We didn’t understand what was happening. Huts started to tremble. The force was so strong that trees were uprooted at once from the soil. One by one trees fell to the ground. All huts were cracking open one by one. People were forced to come out from their huts. All the people were now on the land together. We were among them too. No one knew what was happening. Suddenly the winds blew widely. The swaying of trees was so intense that they collided against each other and destroyed the nearby habitations. People were astounded what happened all of a sudden. And soon it started raining. People ran hither and thither to take shelter. But alas! There was no shelter left. Not knowing what to do now, everyone started running in one direction as if they knew where they were going. Kakashi and I followed the crowd. They ran and ran until they came to a halt. We were now at that place from where I came running. They came for their sacred mirror. To pray! To their mirror God! And so they all prayed for their life. But that prayers didn’t lasted longer. This time the land trembled so hard that the whole big mirror collided at once. This world was hit by an earthquake. The land started to crack open from all the places. I looked at Kakashi in shock! People got so terrified by the sudden havoc that they started running again. And what surprised all of them was that there was land on the other side of that mirror too! Another land! Another island! They ran beyond that shattered mirror too. We followed them. Thunderstorm monster was just behind us. It was following us. All were terrified by the storm they were just experiencing.

All of a sudden, people from this world came running towards us. Whole mass of crowd kept running. It was as if a prehistoric war was about to begin and both the sides were already on the march to attack their enemies. Both ran vigorously towards each other and the next moment… Everything was wiped off! Except Kakashi and I, no other human being existed! Everyone was vanished, from both the worlds! I tried to reverse what just happened in my mind, and I watched that in a slow motion. One by one, all the people with their antimatter vanished at once. Yes. The people from our so called real world met with their antimatter of this world and as soon as they came in contact with their antimatter, all vanished at once in this thin air!

There was complete silence now. The earthquake was gone. Winds were calmer now. It was still raining though. I looked at Kakashi. He was as horrified as I was now. We both looked at each other to digest what just happened right in front of our eyes!

“Kakashi? Did you saw what just happened?” I asked silently.

“Yes, I saw everything. And I knew this would happen. But didn’t know it would happen in a blink of an eye.”

“You knew? How?” I asked him in doubt.

“The question you asked just before this earthquake. What we just experienced… is your answer,” he sighed.

“You mean if particles came in contact with their anti particles, they would become extinct!”

“Sort of, yes, ” said Kakashi.

“For forever?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”

“So one day you would also become extinct?” I asked Kakashi as I don’t know where I would go now and if Kakashi would come with me or not!

“No I guess. As you told, my antimatter is already extinct!” Kakashi replied.

“That’s true. I understood everything now Kakashi. This universe is too vast to understand though.”

He smiled.

That smile. I missed that smile. I missed my friend – Vinay.



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